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We are increasingly responding to the transportation needs of friends, families and relatives, who choose the bus for their leisure activities, giving themselves and their loved ones an unforgettable experience. Here are all the advantages you will enjoy thanks to a bus trip.

Safety: partying with friends and family is one of the joys of life. At the same time, however, driving if you are not completely lucid puts your own safety and that of other passengers at risk (without considering any penalties or license withdrawal, linked to traffic offenses). Relying on a rental service with driver therefore means making a responsible choice and allows you to enjoy moments of celebration with friends and relatives without worries and in total freedom.

Sociality and sharing: who among us does not associate the bus trip with some special moment? School trips, our first concert, summer camping ... Traveling by bus has always meant fun, socializing and aggregation ... It means making every moment unique and unforgettable.

Economic savings: what makes traveling by coach so interesting is, among other things, the considerable economic advantage that can be obtained, especially if you organize yourself with a large group (from 30 to 50 people). Consider that for some routes the savings of the bus compared to the train can reach up to 50%!


Reduction of travel times: taking the bus allows you to optimize times, adapting timetables and stops to the needs of your group. Traveling with a private bus you can choose the starting point that is most convenient for you and - thanks to the unloading / loading areas and the reserved parking spaces - you can always get off near your destination, avoiding long journeys on foot or by public transport. Basically a door-to-door service at your disposal.


Comfort: traveling by bus means first of all traveling without worries: entrust yourself to the guidance of a professional, save yourself stress and anxiety due to traffic, tiredness, looking for a parking space ... Thanks to the comfort of our vehicles and the safe driving of our drivers you just have to get on board and relax, perhaps chatting with the neighbor, reading a good book, listening to music, enjoying the view from the window or, why not, taking a nap! Our fleet has recently registered vehicles, spacious, equipped with comfortable and reclining seats, air conditioning, DVD video player, radio with USB port, coffee machine, minibar and microphone.


Environmental sustainability: choosing to travel by bus is good for the planet: the car in fact pollutes about 5 times more than the bus. One more reason to leave the car at home and go with us.


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